Updated March 2024

Club Rules
1. All members must fill in a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) before using our club for the first time. If you are found to be moderate or high risk, we will ask you to give us medical clearance before you start training.
2. It is recommended that you please check with your health care provider before you start a new exercise program. You should have a physical exam to see if you have any health risks.
3. Please ensure that you take the time to warm up before exercise and cool down after your routine. You stand the chance of damaging your muscles or straining your heart if you don’t warm up.
4. If you experience acute pain, dizziness, sudden headache, or chest pain, stop exercising immediately & inform a staff member.
5. Please inform your club if there are any changes in your medical condition.

General Club Use
6. Please take note of the operating hours displayed at all clubs. Opening and closing times may vary.
7. Pets (other than guide dogs) are not permitted.
8. Firearms or other weapons are not permitted.
9. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the club premises.
10. You may not take photos or videos and the use of cameras are not permitted.
11. You may not bring alcohol or drugs into the club.
12. You may not sell and/or market any product or service to other members while in the club.
13. You consent to us using your image if taken during official photo shoots.
14. The use of Ignite Fitness’ logo for promotional, marketing, or advertising is prohibited.
15. Facilities may vary from club to club.

Access Policy
16. You will be issued with an Ignite Fitness Access card when you join the club. You will not be permitted to access the club unless you have your access card with you. Should your access card be damaged or lost please notify the club immediately.
17. All members must have their photograph taken when obtaining their access card.
18. Unfortunately, neither you nor your dependents will be permitted to enter the club if your membership fees are not up to date or if we have terminated, suspended, or frozen your membership.

Children’s access
19. Children under the age of 18 must be members in accordance with the appropriate class of contract (entered into by a parent or guardian) in order to gain access to the club.
20. Children aged between 9 and 13 may enter and use the club only if accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian.
21. Children aged 9 to 13 are subject to the restrictions, set out in 22 to 25 hereunder, relating to equipment and classes. The restrictions may be amended from time to time.
22. The use of treadmills is prohibited. The remainder of the cardio equipment in the club may be used.
23. The attendance of spinning classes and/or mind/body/yoga classes is prohibited. All other studio classes may be attended.
24. Attendance of Arena classes is prohibited unless those classes are presented by a qualified instructor.
25. The use of kettlebells for functional training is prohibited. Other functional training may be performed.

26. Adult members take preference over junior members at all times with regards to use of equipment and facilities.
27. Junior members are required to observe the club rules. 

Guest Policy
28. Normal guests accessing the facility will be required to pay guest fees.
29. Normal guests must complete the guest register and provide a copy of their ID/Passport or driver’s licence before entering the club.
30. All guests must be over 18 years of age.

Behaviour in our clubs
31. You may not enter the club or use the facilities while under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or performance enhancing drugs.
32. You may not use foul, loud, or abusive language and must not be physically or sexually abusive toward, or harass other members, guests, visitors, tenants or members of staff and you will not bring the name of Ignite Fitness and/or Ignite Fitness members into disrepute or paint them in a bad light.
33. Language that discriminates based on race, gender, sex, disability, social origin, or any other subject in our sole discretion will not be tolerated.
34. You will be liable to pay for any damages caused by you, your dependents, or guests while in the club.
35. Only one individual is permitted in a shower cubicle at a time.
36. Suitable & appropriate exercise clothing must be worn at all times while exercising in the club. Closed training shoes must be worn at all times.
37. While training on the circuit, please use the equipment in numerical order and move
according to the circuit timer.
38. Please replace all equipment and weights after use.

Use of lockers & Personal Belongings
39. Lockers are provided in the change rooms to store your gear while you train (please bring your own padlock). We do not undertake that the use of a locker will guarantee that theft of, or damage to your property will not occur. Please check that your personal insurance policy covers you for loss of personal items. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or theft of money or damage to personal property of members or their guests whether locked in a locker or otherwise.
40. Do not leave your belongings unattended in the change rooms or anywhere else in the club at any time, and report any lost items immediately.
41. Management reserves the right to open a locker (by force if necessary), if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that a locker is being used for storage of anything other than clothing or permissible personal belongings.
42. Any belongings left over night, will be removed, and will be donated to charity, if not claimed within 5 days.

Use of Equipment
43. Please use the equipment for its intended purpose and follow the instructions provided.
44. Please inspect equipment before use and do not use equipment that appears damaged and/or inoperable or if any component appears to be missing or damaged.
45. Please report damaged equipment to a staff member.
46. When using strength equipment, make sure that the weight pin is completely inserted. Never pin the weight stack in an elevated position. Inspect all cables, straps, and other connections.
47. Please do not use dumbbells or any other equipment, other than equipment specifically provided by the manufacturer, to incrementally increase weight resistance on strength equipment.
48. Ensure that the belt has come to a complete stop before stepping onto or off a treadmill.
49. Handle weights and equipment with care and replace after use.
50.Please adhere to time limits if they are specified on equipment.
51. With the exception of water bottles and sports drinks, no food, drinks, or bags are allowed on the training floor.
52. Please use a sweat towel at all times and wipe equipment after use.

Use of Studios
53. Some classes may need to be pre-booked or may have maximum head counts.
54. Class timetables and Instructors may change from time to time without notice. Please check the website for all the latest details.
55. Please arrive 5 minutes before the class starts.
56. Once a class is in progress, no members are allowed to enter.
57. Please inform your instructor of any injuries, illness or if you are pregnant.

Personal Training
58. If you’re interested in getting a personal trainer, you will find all the details on our Personal Trainer boards. You can contact them directly, or ask at reception and they will hook you up.
59. Only authorised Ignite Personal Trainers are permitted to provide Personal Training in our clubs. Personal Training by other members is not allowed whether it’s for payment or not. If we find someone providing unauthorised Personal training, our GM will investigate, and you and the trainers may be expelled or suspended.

60. Please do not tamper with fire doors or any safety devices.
61. Please follow the health and safety notices displayed throughout the club.
62. In particular, you are required to follow all health protocols required to control the spread of Covid19.
63. Please take note of the emergency procedures. If there is an emergency, please follow the staff’s instructions at all times.
64. Please do not run in the club and be aware of the different floor surfaces that you move across as you walk through the club. Ongoing cleaning and maintenance will be taking place. Related tools and equipment may be hazardous, and some floor surfaces may be wet, and therefore slippery. Please proceed with caution.
65. Please report any injuries, incidents, or hazards to staff members.

Waiver & Release
In the act of becoming a member at Ignite Fitness (referred to as the company), You acknowledge and agree: that the company will not be liable for death, injury, loss, or damage suffered by you or minors or guests who accompany you to the gym resulting from or contributed to by any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to, negligence and/or an omission or breach of contract on the part of the company, its directors, employees, contractors, independent consultants and/or other members. You enter and exit the company premises entirely at your own risk and the company equipment and facilities are utilised on the same basis. The Company will not be vicariously liable for any loss or damage suffered by you or minors or guests who accompany you to the gym resulting from theft by its employees, independent contractors, consultants, or other members. You and/or your estate, furthermore, indemnify the Company against any claim by any person arising directly or indirectly from your death or injury, or from any loss or damage suffered by you and allegedly caused or contributed to by any act or omission by the company, its directors, employees, contractors, consultants, and agents.