The Gauntlet

Challenge your mental and physical fortitude in a 60-minute Gauntlet of 3 specialised Arenas designed to push you to your limits.


Experience the very latest functional training in Blood, Sweat & Tears, push the heart rate using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) principles in Tread & Shred and build your fitness and combat skills in Rumble


Are you ready to Rumble? Battle it out with boxing bags, pad work and functional body weight movements to hone your fight skills and build your fitness

Blood Sweat & Tears

Functional training that blends weight lifting, gymnastics and cardio to build capacity in all elements of fitness

Tread and Shred

A fast-paced workout, that combines treadmills, weights and mat work with little to no rest in between rounds. This arena ensures maximum results with a HIGH energy output